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Strolling through colourful markets. At last, time for a treat for the palate: enjoy what ripens under a different sun. Uncovering the secrets of foreign cuisines. Try out your favorite recipe yourself and take inspiration home with you.

A few small appetizers for palates on the go…

Venerable imperial cities and turbulent city life

Vietnam – Ancient imperial cities, turbulent city life, rainforests, war memorials and striving for a modern life characterise Vietnam today. On your journey, you will experience countless impressions that testify to the energy and verve with which this country has caught up with the rest of Asian life.

In addition to the sightseeing programme, we will delve deeper into contemporary Vietnam in various meetings with the German Embassy, various foundations, aid organisations, media organisations and business associations.

Explore, experience and enjoy Cyprus' treasures!

Two different cultures in a small space – this makes the pearl of the Mediterranean even more exciting and Cyprus’ special magic. Together we immerse ourselves in the island’s happenings, chat with residents and opinion leaders and have time for coffee and pool breaks.

On the one hand mosques and caravanserais, on the other Byzantine frescoes and barn-roofed churches, here ouzo and Greek coffee, there raki and Turkish mocha.

The highlights of this journalists’ tour

  • Chatting with Cypriot personalities from culture, business, tourism and politics
  • Savour Cypriot delicacies in traditional village tavernas
  • Talking shop with Larnaca’s local councillors
  • Taste the Cypriot wine with the winery owner himself
  • Listening to the stories of the mayor of Lefkara during the village walk

Explore and experience Croatia's facets!

“Dip your finger in the sea and you are connected to the whole world” is an old Croatian proverb. You can find out what is meant by this on our information tour of the country. We experience natural beauty, discuss exciting topics with local experts, taste the national dishes, chat with farmers about their concerns and immerse ourselves in the everyday life of the Croats.

The highlights of this journalists’ tour

  • Discuss with Croatian personalities from culture, economy, tourism and politics
  • Enjoying Croatian home cooking in traditional conobas
  • Talking shop with farmers about EU membership
  • Taste the Croatian wine with the winery owner himself
  • Listening to the stories of a university professor from Opatija

Discover Croatia's facets!

This is exactly according to my interest

Off Road to the Cape of Good Hope!

South Africa: “The Rainbow Nation” presents itself to its visitors with stunning landscapes, bustling cities and a multi-ethnic population with European influences. The South Africa of Nelson Mandela presents itself as contradictory. On the one hand, the country has a unique wealth of mineral resources, but on the other hand, the decline in commodity prices has led to economic problems and thus exacerbated social and political problems. Nevertheless, the country in the south of the black continent presents itself to the visitor in many different ways.

Participants on this press trip will not only gain insights into many areas of the country, but will also enjoy an indescribably beautiful stay in stunning landscapes and the most important cities without having to forego amenities. And since South Africa will be hosting the World Cup in 2010, we want to give our fellow travellers the opportunity to inform themselves on site about the status of World Cup preparations, but also about the consequences of the sporting spectacle.

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