Personality on tour

To personalize travel, personality is necessary: We – these are experienced travel professionals who, after years in the tourism industry, want to give their own expression to their enthusiasm for travel. Mondius gives travel a more personal character again and lets the guest participate in the everyday life of the destination.

We do not offer prefabricated travel concepts, but personally designed trips: We create experiences that really meet your interests because you have thought them up, designed them, planned them with us. Together with you, we develop exactly the programme you are hoping for. Your wishes and our knowledge, your interests and our many years of experience, combined to create a unique travel experience.

Interest Travels

We haven’t reinvented travel. But we claim to give travel more personal character again and let the guest participate in the everyday life of the travel destination.

Not across the board and in general, but on a very personal level: Because we combine the values of our customers with the values of the holiday countries. We achieve this through trips that are specially tailored to your preferences – and show you how your interests can also be experienced in another country.

You won’t find a catalog with us. That’s why you’ll find Mondius tours with character: yours – and a little bit of ours, too.

You can get inspiration below. We have outlined some travel ideas in extracts according to different interests. We would be happy to work with you on a special trip according to your interests, wherever you want to go…

Expert Travels

Think outside the box. Facing new demands, mastering unknown challenges. Be inspired by foreign arts and distant traditions.

Set no limits to the imagination and keep some of the magic in everyday professional life.

For management, sales, staff, members, media and customers. As needed. For your objectives.

Assisted Travels

We offer residents from senior residences an unencumbered journey to places that are often associated with beautiful memories. The familiar carers or accompanying persons travel with them. We take care of all the other amenities. We organise the trips for elderly people with a lot of heart and great care, leaving nothing to chance and ensuring safety & well-being. We tailor the programme to the vitality of the guests, enjoy the moments and the good food and linger in the most beautiful places.

Our special travel signature

With personal character

in small groups

with German-speaking tour guide

With personal route

With inspiring encounters

with lasting experiences

in hand-picked accommodation

Customer testimonials!

Making your wishes come true!

Your interest and our ideas create dreams!

Experience a journey just the way you like it!

We will be happy to advise you personally.

This is how you can reach us:

+49 89 45769990


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